Forget about Rebekha and I being the founders of My Gammie’s.  Yes, we have put the business in motion in 2015 but… I can firmly say that My Gammie’s would not exist without Ly’ora who was born 7 years ago.  Neither I nor Rebekha even knew what a food allergy was then. 

Though Rebekha, Shafiq and I are the faces and makers of the business, Ly’ora is very much part of it too albeit in the background.  She is still our most enthusiastic taster, always waiting for that new product to taste. 

Once upon a time, I was baking bread exclusively for Ly’ora.  Then the business took over and now I have just about time to bake for our customers; so much so that Ly’ora suggested that her Mum, Rebekha, should put orders for me to bake her bread… she has clocked on that orders get baked on time all the time!!!

A big cheers to our youngest founder, Ly’ora seen below on her 7th birthday!!!