Giant Cupcakes


These gold award winning cupcakes are soft, moist and filling due to their size. My Gammie’s best selling cupcakes can be enjoyed warm, chilled or even straight from the freezer for a chewy cooling treat.
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Plain: Coconut, Demerara Sugar, Chickpea Flour, Potato Starch,Vanilla, Psyllium Husks, Baking Powder, Sea Salt

Choc:  Coconut, Demerara Sugar, Chickpea Flour, Cacao Powder, Potato Starch, Vanilla, Psyllium Husks, Baking Powder, Sea Salt

Chocolate Date Frosting: Dates, Cacao Powder, Vanilla, Sea Salt

Icing: Our cupcake icing colouring is created using the ingredient listed in the colour option, leaving a hint of the ingredient’s flavour.


  • Golden Yellow Turmeric – Demerara sugar, Turmeric
  • Sunset Orange Goji Berries – Demerara sugar, Goji Berries
  • Natural Beige – Demerara sugar
  • Banana Flavour – Demerara sugar, Banana
  • Cinnamon Flavour – Demerara sugar, Cinnamon

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Giant Cup Cakes

Pack of 4, Pack of 6


Chocolate, Mixed, Plain


Chocolate Date Frosting, No Topping, Banana Flavour, Golden Yellow Turmeric, Cinnamon Flavour, Natural Beige, Sunset Orange Goji Berries