My Gammie’s is very pleased to announce that it can now offer next day postal delivery for selected products.  This means that all the ‘Friends’ of My Gammie’s that have been waiting to be able to order from us nationwide can now do so.   

Until our online e-Commerce is fully automated to calculate delivery costs, we are introducing a semi-manual process as follows:

  1. Go to and add your order to the shopping basket.
    Not all products are suitable for postal delivery and the ones that are will be clearly marked accordingly.
  2. Click on the shopping basket when you are ready to check out. It will display the products in your order and the total of your order.  This excludes the posting cost. 
  3. Click on [Place Order].
  4. My Gammie’s team will process your order, add the posting cost and email your invoice within 24 hours.
  5. You pay the invoice.
  6. Your order is scheduled for baking and delivered to reach you on the following Tuesday.

Posting cost will be based on the weight and size of your order.  You will find an example of shipping cost, as a reference, on the website at 

Important weekly cut-off dates:

Tuesday 16:00  Place order to us via our online shop to be included in the next delivery run.

Thursday 16:00  payment received and the order is confirmed for the next delivery run.

Order delivered on the following Tuesday

For products that are not viable for postal delivery, such as celebration cake, roti, baguette, pizza base etc., My Gammie’s will continue its personal delivery within the M25 region.  The process will be as above except that we will deliver to you. 

We are also introducing a monthly subscription service.  Please email for further information. 

Please contact Shafiq on 07455 211 321 if you have any queries.


Best Regards

Marie-Anne and Shafiq

My Gammie’s Team