Raw Oats and Dates Energy Balls

Dates, Medjool             200g
Gluten free oats            90g
Cacao Powder               40g
Water                           40g
Chia seeds                    15g
Vanilla essence             5g



  • Mix 90 oats, 10g of chia seeds and 40g cacao powder
  • Blend 200g dates with 40g water
  • Mix blended dates and oat mixture together.  Add another tablespoon of water if necessary.  Too much water will make it too runny to keep its shape; too dry will make the balls crumbly
  • Divide into 12 (or 15-20 small) portions and shape into a ball in palm of hand
  • Roll each ball into 5g of chia seeds keep in dry airtight container in a cool place for a week or freeze for up to a month
  • Substitution: omit chia seeds completely or replace with dessicated coconut

For a smoother energy ball, grind the oats into flour before using.