Stuck at the bakery in I am restricted on what I can eat because we do not have allergens here so no eggs no dairy etc. etc. etc.  I am hungry and what’s on my plate?  Well let me see… what I can come up with? Flaked quinoa, goji berry, dates, coconut oil, a little bit of coconut cream and banana. So, the only thing that’s coming out of the factory is banana which, of course, I have peeled outside the bakery to ensure that I’m not bringing any allergens with me inside.  

And here is the result… Tah Dah!!!.

Sugar-free quinoa flakes with lots of goodies included.  What are the nutrients in this concoction?  I will reveal all in my next mini post when I will compare this little dish with another one that I had a few weeks ago.  My gut feel says this flaked quinoa dish is more nutritionally balanced.  I will pass it through my nutrients software and reveal all soon.  How about the taste? It has a soft texture, smooth on the palate with a coconutty taste because I put some coconut oil in it.  It has a naturally healthy sweet taste courtesy of the dates and the goji berries as well as the banana. Yum yum.