Here comes R, a regular customer to our Swiss Cottage London Farmer’s Market.  It is her daughter’s birthday and one of her biggest wish is to give her daughter a My Gammie’s Bagel.  R is already a customer of our Baguette that she regularly buys for her daughter… but a bagel would bring that extra mile for her birthday. 

Marie-Anne, My Gammie’s bread baker, takes on the challenge and starts foraging for recipes on the internet and adjusting them as need be, wanting to do her best to please R’s special bagel request for her daughter’s birthday. 

Minutes before it is time to set off to deliver My Gammie’s order to R, a bagel is born from My Gammie’s oven. It looks like a bagel, it feels like a bagel albeit being smaller than the usual commercial bagel. Well, R will have a ‘pilot’ bagel for her daughter.

A week on, not happy with the result of the ‘pilot’ bagel, Marie-Anne performs new adjustments and new ideas of bagel.  2nd generation bagel is born – see pictures.  It looks like a bagel, feels like a bagel, behaves like a bagel though, this time, it is slightly bigger than its commercial counterpart.  We have lift off.  Shafiq is bold enough to bring some bagels to Parliament Hill Farmer’s Market last Saturday and we sell out of bagels. 

So look out for this new addition to the bread family on our online Shop as well as Swiss Cottage, Notting Hill and Parliament Hill London Farmer’s Markets and watch it improve over the coming weeks.  Of course, our bagel is free from all 14 allergens as specified by the Food Standards Agency