My Gammie’s raison d’être, Ly’ora, turned 8 on 3rd December.  She is the reason and motivation of the existence of My Gammie’s, the Freefrom all 14 main allergens vegan bakery.  It is a mouthful to describe My Gammie’s right?

Ly’ora was very proud that her birthday cake was baked for the first time ever by My Gammie’s – a doughnut pyramid cake!! Freefrom all the main 14 allergens!!! How cool is that??!!


Having to cater for this little girl, My Gammie’s has to keep things moving and keeps innovating new products.  Otherwise, this little girl gets bored though she is never bored of the bread that her grandmother, Marie-Anne, bakes for her.  Having been ‘deprived’ of eating bread for nearly a year when she was younger due to her nut allergy, gluten and other food intolerances, she now enjoys her regular stock of My Gammie’s bread.  She would eat bread anytime, anyhow, any day.  Her favourite, by far, is the Goji Berry Delux Bun/Bread.   On the cake side, she never has enough of doughnuts, hence her doughnut birthday cake. Of course, this new product will now be on My Gammie’s website for other little girls and boys to enjoy for their special day.