My Gammie’s team is back in action following a rush of orders during the Festive Seasons and a well-deserved rest from all baking activities.  The thinking hat was still on though as we start strategizing our plan into 2019.  One of our big themes is collaborating with organisations to spread awareness on healthier options. 


Our first event is happening on 16th January where My Gammie’s will be showcasing its vegan products to “Earthforce UK”, a staff lead group at Salesforce, during a Lunch&Learn session.  This group is passionate about sustainability and My Gammie’s will take part to raise awareness with Salesforce staff.  Though this is an internal event which is not open to the general public, My Gammie’s is proud to be able to present the company’s ethos and share our journey and challenges of producing vegan products.  We will post pictures and a summary of the event – keep an eye for that!!!